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2-man full face supplied air respirator w/50' air hoses

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This system is for workers who are working in a toxic environment. Place the air pump in a clean air area, and it will provide a continuous flow of cool clean air to the headpiece or facepiece.

The System consists of:

  • High capacity, portable 1.5 hp 120 VAC electric air pump w/thermal overload protection
  • Rheostat dial allows you to control the amount of air flow
  • Bypass, tangential discharge air pump
  • Does not heat up your breathing air!
  • Dual filters - 1 for breathing air, 1 for motor cooling air
  • Two 50' lengths of 3/4" non-toxic kink proof lightweight high flex air hose (any length available as long as it is a multiple of 25')
  • Two reinforced side-mounted breathing tubes w/quick connects
  • Two 2" wide nylon web belt adjustable from 34-72" w/snap connector
  • Two Silicone Full face masks size medium
  • 10 lens protectors
  • Flow-meter


this system has not been submitted to NIOSH for approval.

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