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Breathe-cool II Supplied Air Respirator System w/tyvek hood

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This system with tyvek hood was designed for painters/refinishers when cartridge type respirators are not allowed or clog too quickly (spraying isocyanates, stripping finishes, sanding body filler, using cyanoacrylates, etc.) It provides full coverage of exposed skin on the face and neck.  Glasses and facial hair can be worn comfortably under the hood. Lens covers should be used to protect the lens from overspray.  The bib should be tucked inside the protective garment/coveralls.


The system consists of:


    • High capacity, portable 1000 watt 120 VAC electric air turbine w/thermal overload protection
    • Bypass, tangential discharge air turbine
    • Rheostat dial allows you to control the amount of air flow
    • Does not heat up your breathing air!
    • 25' length of 3/4" non-toxic kink proof lightweight high flex air hose (other lengths available)
    • Reinforced breathing tube w/quick connector
    • 2" wide nylon web belt adjustable from 34-72" w/snap connector
    • Reusable Tyvek hood w/acetate lens, bib for splash protection and adjustable headband
    • 5 stick-on lens protectors
    • Flow meter
    • Full 1 Year Warranty!


The system will provide safe, cool, filtered breathing air for one user at up to 400' air hose length.

This system HAS NOT been submitted for NIOSH approval.

The air pump must be placed in an area with at least Grade "D" breathable air

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