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Technology for fast set foam and coatings

Patent-Pending Endurance Chamber

Recognized by the industry for its superior performance, the P2 gun's light, easy to handle design lets you spray and maneuver easily - even in difficult spraying positions. At the end of the day, maintenance is easy. No cleaning small air passages with tiny drill bits. The Graco P2 has check valves that separate the liquid portion and dry side of the gun.
  • Responsive trigger action - double piston design provides more than 300 lbs (136 kg) of triggering force
  • The mix chamber insert can be replaced without replacing the entire chamber
  • Anti-crossover design virtually eliminates possibility of material entering the air piston

The Graco Probler P2 Benefits:

The Probler P2 has lower parts consumption than any other gun available in the market today! Here is a list of some of the features that set it apart from any other spray gun

  • Less cleaning - up to 5 times longer operation time without drilling out the mix chamber
  • Better spray pattern - improved round bore and finish of the chamber interior results in a better material flow path and spray pattern
  • Lower cost maintenance - the chamber insert can be replaced without replacing the entire chamber - the most expensive part of the gun
  • Piston isolation - eliminates cross-overs or material in the air piston
  • Simplified design - fewer parts, easier to service and more work time

Patented High Velocity Piston

This is a double piston design that gives more trigger force from a smaller piston diameter.

Benefits to the end user:

  • Smallest and lightest production volume gun in the industry
  • Over 300 lbs triggering force
  • No sticking chamber
  • Less maintenance
  • Consistent trigger operation and air purge
  • Less downtime

Patent-Pending Piston Isolation Design

This special porting in the Graco Probler P2 virtually eliminates the possibility of material entering the air piston of the gun.

The industry standard in plural component spray guns...the GlasCraft Probler P2