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Transfer Material Efficiently Transfer Pumps are required to move A and B materials to the Reactor ® Spray Systems. The T3 Transfer Pump combines Graco’s proven Merkur ® air-motor and popular T2 stainless steel lower. The T3 is a 3:1 ratio pump – using less air pressure to provide the same fluid pressure required. • Easier to maneuver - The overall height of the T3 is 3.7 inches shorter above the drum than the T2, making it easier to remove from the drum inside of a spray rig. • More quiet – Studies show the T3 Transfer Pump is about 3x more quiet than the T2 Transfer Pump. • Less maintenance - the Merkur air-motor is based on air pilot valve technology. The air-motor switching is purely pneumatic. This differs from T1 and T2 Transfer Pumps, which use a mechanical reversing mechanism in the air-motor.

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