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Graco GX 7A 10/210

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The Gusmer GX-7 plural component spray gun is recommended for spraying foam only and is a mechanically self-cleaning spray gun which eliminates costly solvent flushing. The Graco GX-7 spray gun is one of the industries choice guns when it comes to applying two-component foam systems. Excellent for spraying polyurethane foam the Graco/Gusmer GX-7 foam gun is world renowned and proven itself with many foam companies over the years.

After the acquisition of Gusmer by Graco the GX-7, GX-7 400 and GX-7 DI have all been put into one manual.

Features and Benefits:

  • Graco GX-7, GX-7 DI and GX-7 400 mechanical purge spray guns are known for dependable performance and reliability
  • Great mixing and pattern control with its unique internal impingement mixing design 
  • Designed to handle the toughest job-site conditions
  • Solvent free: Graco GX-7 features a mechanically self-cleaning valving rod assembly that purges all mixed material from the mixing module at the end of each shot, eliminating costly and environmentally harmful, solvent flushing procedures. 
  • Mixing module: Internal impingement mixing module that is precision manufactured for prolonged service life. Several different styles are available which, when used in combination with a pattern control disc, provide optimum mixing and pattern development.
  • Pattern Control Disc: Interchangeable module and disc combinations permit various outputs in round or fan spray and pour patterns to provide more efficient mixing and pattern development
  • Air Cap Control: Helps prevent material build-up on pattern control disc.
  • Air Control: Provides precise regulation of air supply to air cap.
  • Valving Rod Forward Stop: Permits forward positioning of the valving rod to maximize the mechanical self-cleaning process. 
  • Filters: Screw-in design incorporates metal-to-gasket sealing surface plus internal check valves. The filters are available in several different mesh sizes and can be easily removed, cleaned and serviced.

GX-7 Gun Quality Features:
  • Industry proven mix and atomization technology
  • Adjustable air cap cleaning allows you to spray longer
  • Easy to clean A and B material filter reduces downtime


  • Roofing, concrete and residential insulation
  • Tank and pipe coatings foam insulation
  • Water and waste-water treatment


  • Polyurethane Foam


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