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Graco Reactor A-25

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Graco A-25 Reactor

Top quality and performance for spraying foam insulation
  • Graco-engineered solution provides tested and proven reliability
  • Three independent heat zones easily handle different chemical viscosities
  • Maintains consistent output pressure for uniform spray pattern
  • Easy to operate and maintain

The A-25 reactor maintains steady temperature set-points, even when you're spraying at maximum flow rates, resulting in better quality foam. Temperatures of competitive model fluctuated as flow rates increased.

DataTrak Control (optional)
  • Resettable counter tracks material usage

Three Heat Zones
  • Three independent heat zones - ISO, Resin and Hose Heat
  • Provide accurate heat control for reliable spraying to handle different chemical viscosities
  • Digital temperature controls

Recirculation Manifold
  • A quick, easy way to balance system pressures

NXT Air Motor
  • Low air consumption for increased efficiency
  • Muffler provides low operating noise levels
  • Air valve provides smooth and rapid changeover

Hybrid Heater
  • Provides better temperature control

Quick Knockdown Lower Pumps
  • For easy dis-assembly and maintenance

ISO Pump Lube System
  • Prevents isocyanate crystallization on the pump seal and shaft

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