What is the cost to insulate my home?

Insulating your home wouldn’t just keep it more comfortable but also make it highly energy efficient. While you can resort to traditional methods of insulation, spray foam insulation is a notch above, considering the continual product innovation it is subjected to. 

But what exactly is spray foam insulation? Should you even opt for it or not? And most importantly how much does Spray foam insulation cost? Well, here’s the answer to every single reasonable question of yours!

First things first: What is Spray foam insulation?

It is informally used to refer to specific spray-applied plastic foam that is blown into walls, concrete slabs, under floors, and other places to insulate and reduce air leakages. The best part about these is they fill almost all types of cracks, gaps, and crevices on installation without sagging or any hint of compression. 

As already stated, they consist of a specific type of plastic, but much goes into making them appropriate for usage. To make the spray foam two liquids are combined after they travel through a heated hose. As soon as they come on the surface they do their job and fill up the cavity, thereby insulating the desired place. 

Different types of Spray foam insulation

Having talked about the meaning of spray foam insulation and the way it is foamed, let’s dig deeper into the types. So these are available in two types, closed-cell foam and open-cell foam:

  • Open-cell foam

You should opt for this one if you wish to insulate your residential or commercial building. As it consists of low-density material it is suitable for internal application. It possesses a spongy texture and allows water vapor and liquid to permeate. 

  • Closed-cell foam

On the other hand, closed-cell foam is suitable for more demanding places where high insulation is required. It has a low expansion rate and therefore acts as a barrier for both air and moisture. Additionally, it is perfect for building or structures which have to deal with high humidity and potentially moist and wet environments. 

Benefits of Spray foam Insulation

There are several benefits of spray foam insulation and some of them are mentioned below:

Low occupancy rate

Spray foam insulation, when it comes with low volatile organic compounds and off-gassing, is highly safe. In fact, you can re-occupy your house in less than 2 hours are insulating your house. This may not be possible with traditional forms of insulation. 

Low electricity bill

It helps in lowering the electricity bill of your house as you have to spend less on using electronic heating and cooling devices owing to better insulation. As per research, air leakages account for 30% or more of a building’s heating and cooling costs. This is why it makes sense to insulate your home with good material and reap the benefits in the form of low electricity bills thereafter. 

Eliminating Ice-damming

It resolves the issue of ice damming which occurs due to the interaction of heat loss from house, snow cover, and outside temperature. As after insulating your house won’t lose heat, this issue would be solved to a great extent. 

Higher insulation than other modes

It possesses a greater R-value, which is a measure of how well the insulation is working. So essentially it possesses a higher R-value than other forms of insulation, which increases the efficiency. 

Works as a sound dampener

Not only is it good for preventing hot or cold air loss but it’s beneficial in dampening sound too. This is why it can be used in media and theatre rooms too. 

What would be the cost of insulating my home?

Before knowing the cost, it is wise to know how spray foam insulation is measured. So it is measured in ‘Board feet’ which is a unit for measurement of lumber in the US & Canada. Essentially you would’ve to know how much area is to be covered and up to what thickness. For example, if you have to cover an area of 2 square feet at 3 inches, then the total area would be 3x2= 6 Board feet. 

Now if you wish to insulate using Closed-cell spray foam, it would cost around $1.00 to $1.50 per Board Foot and on the other hand, Open-cell spray foam would cost anywhere between $0.40 to $0.60 per Board Foot. The price can vary to an extent in different cities and states, so you would have to consult several people who are dealing with its application. This way you would be able to know the cost of the project and prepare accordingly. 

How to lower the cost of insulating my home?

If you have a low budget or wish to save some dough on insulating your house, all you have to do is follow the below-mentioned points. 

  • Try getting a certified energy auditor to know whether you actually need insulation in your home or not. If you require insulation as per his consultation, then only proceed with the process. 
  • Ask him to do the blower test and know which are the places where you should opt for closed-cell foam insulation and where you should opt for open-cell foam insulation. This is how you would be able to save significantly as you can opt for closed-cell foam only at places that require more insulation.
  • At last, you can also opt for self-insulating the house by buying Spray foam guns & Parts. At Spray Foam Parts and Supplies, you can get everything related to spray foam, enabling you to do the job yourself. This will make sure that the cost comes down and you don’t have to pay anyone for this work. However, we suggest getting trained for the same.

Parting Notes

We hope you found the above points helpful and got to know everything about Spray foam insulation cost. Do check out our products at Spray Foam Parts and Supplies. We are sure you’d be delighted!

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